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Year 12 Exam Revision Seminar Day at ECU Bunbury

Week 9 Term 2, 24th June


The Year 12 ATAR English ECU seminar day is to provides the opportunity for students from the South West to access educational and informative sessions on the ATAR English WACE exam.



The purpose is to give the students some extra tips on how to approach different sections of the exam. It should provide the students with a fresh perspective on the section of exam from someone other their own classroom teacher.


This would involve a full day commitment ‪from 9:00am to 2:30pm presenting the same 1 hour session x 3 to different groups of students. Approximately 30 - 50 students at a time. Presentations can be delivered in lecture style, tutorial style or combination of both. Presenters can make it as interactive as they like. Handouts for students are highly recommended.


Each room has Audio/Visual equipment available for presenters to use on the day. Presenters get paid a fee of $150.


  1. Comprehending - Visual text

  2. Comprehending - Print text

  3. Responding - Print texts

  4. Responding - Non print texts

  5. Composing - Imaginative writing

  6. Composing - Interpretive and persuasive writing

  7. Exam strategies


APPLICATIONS – Due Term 1 Week 10 Thursday 9th April

For more information, please email

Applicants will be notified Week 1, Term 2

Apply to present at Year 12 Seminar Day Term 2 2020

Thanks for submitting!

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